about me

ogota is my birthplace; architecture is my degree.
I moved to Miami 6 years ago. JAD Tattoo was born during the pandemic as it gave me time to explore this calling for handcraft and pursue my passions. 

I thrive with highly detailed designs. I am fascinated with every aspect of the tattooing process: conceptualizing an idea, collaborating on sizing and placement, and ultimately performing with precision. `


The pursuit


       A tattoo lasts
                only  this  

8325 ne 2nd ave, miami fl 33138

  tattoo lasts
          only  this                       lifetime.

The building is called Made At The Citadel.
There is parking available in the back to which I will give you the directions when we set up the time for you to come and have the best tattoo experience.

The best way to set up a time is DM me on Instagram or fill out the contact card at the end of this page.

ome visit!



I would love to hear your ideas.
Please send me what you have in mind along with some images as references.
Please specify the placement you would like as well as size.

Thank you!
I look forward to working with you soon.

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